Sean Ludwig: Concepts

Examination and exploration of earthbound elements

The minerals of the earth and organisms of the environment yield a natural beauty.  It is the obligation of some artists to preserve this material origin, and to allow the manipulation of the material in a way that does not change the true form.  In this exploration, an understanding is gained about the relationship between mineral and organism, structure and chaos, and geometry with asymmetry.

Industry and Nature: Infinite tug of war

Machines and and their lifeless surroundings have since the dawn of the industrial revolution been fighting a losing battle with the elements.  Ferrous metals oxidize, rust, and crumble due to the ever present force of earth wind and water.  The elements, however, fall prey to the byproducts of oil refinement, and steel mill exhaust.  This is an interesting dynamic that, for the time being, seems to be favoring neither side. There is only solace in remembering the inevitability of disintegration for the machine.

Flesh: Consumable nightmare

Meats, eggs and dairy products have over the past few decades been accumulating more and more chemicals due to farming procedure.  Steroids, unnatural muscle growth, and unusual feeding habits in the animals being slaughtered for meat are showing up in the humans that consume them.  Investigation or, uneducated prediction in this case, can bring forth some very disturbing possibilities for long-term frequent meat eaters.   
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